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The Central Texas Hub integrates water information in space and time across organizations to provide a unified view of flood conditions for the Central Texas region. Water data in the hub can be accessed in two ways through a web browser at http://www.centraltexashub.org/wiskiweb.htm or through a water web services interface at: http://www.centraltexashub.org/kiwis.htm .

During floods in Central Texas, precipitation, streamflow and flood water elevation data are collected by a number of observation systems, including the US Geological Survey's National Water Information System, the City of Austin's Flood Early Warning System, and the HydroMet system of the Lower Colorado River Authority. Each system has its own web page where data can be accessed one gage at a time, and in a unique way, and some gages are reported on more than one web site. Following the severe flooding that occurred during Tropical Storm Hermine in September 2010, emergency managers asked for "one view" of this information to make understanding storm and flood conditions quicker and easier. The Central Texas Hub was developed to meet this need by KISTERS, ESRI and the Center for Research in Water Resources (CRWR) of the University of Texas at Austin.

The Central Texas Hub operates as a "network of networks". It continuously ingests water observations data from the USGS, LCRA and the City of Austin into a central database maintained by CRWR. The KISTERS WISKI database is used for this purpose and WISKI is also used by the City of Austin and by LCRA to store their observations data internally within their own organizations. Observations data from the USGS is ingested using water web services in WaterML, a special language designed to communicate water data through the internet. The data are mapped thematically as streamflow, precipitation and water level information and charts are provided for viewing the data over a week, a month or a year. Comparison with historical statistics for those locations is provided.

Geospatial information services provided by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) are used to delineate the drainage area for each streamflow and water level observation point, and to construct precipitation maps from the point precipitation data.

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